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Volunteer at the YONEX All England 2021

To deliver the world’s oldest badminton tournament to the highest standards, an exceptional team is required, and when legends are crowned in the arena, a truly inspirational group of volunteers is helping to make it all possible. If you’re interested in joining our team, read on. 

Each year the YONEX All England Open welcomes around 300 volunteers to Birmingham, and they are the backbone of the Championships, fulfilling a range of services to athletes and guests, each bringing energy and professionalism to create an incredible environment for the world to witness. 

Whether you’re a returning or new volunteer, you’ll love meeting people from all over the world with a similar passion, making friends and being the heartbeat of this special experience to create memories for thousands of people. There’s bound to be a role that takes your interest, whether this is greeting people at security checkpoints, helping athletes to perform their best by providing a range of services, or even getting up close and personal with the competition and training areas as you set up the equipment. 

We want you to enjoy the experience and feel your best – after all, you’re crucial in the success of the Championships - and so training and support is provided to give you confidence in your role and team. Of course, things like uniform and meals are provided, in addition to some other surprises to show our appreciation for your time and enthusiasm. 

It is likely that the 2021 Championships will experience some changes from that delivered back in March 2020 due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are having to retain a level of flexibility due to the changes in guidelines at this time, therefore we are seeking Expressions of Interests in roles and ask you some key questions, rather than begin the full recruitment for our volunteer team – this will help us to understand some of the considerations from your perspective, and also where we must adapt our planning. You only have until the 4th October 2020 to Express your Interest. We aim to offer more information soon after and confirm selections by mid-November so that you are able to explore the necessary arrangements for your time in Birmingham.

The sign-up system is only supported on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and NOT Internet Explorer, and if there are any issues, to contact volunteering email address – as provided below. 

If this excites you, we need you to click the button below to register your interest, telling us a bit more about yourself, what opportunities you’re interested in, and what time you have available: 

To register, or log back in to the Volunteer Portal, please click here . 

If you require support at any time, or have a question, please contact us 01908 268400.